April 8th 2023 starting at 4pm 

Open Gait Art Parade

at The Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado


A Parading Exhibit Open To All Art-Making Individuals  

The purpose of this event is to bring artists together to showcase our work with our community without the traditional barriers in place and to spice up our art scene. It grows larger and longer each year, let's make it enormous!

Greetings Fellow Artists and Art Lovers

The inspiration for an open walking art show came to me about 4 years ago when I was living in Brooklyn New York. I had multiple experiences while transporting paintings in public by foot in which the art would draw a crowd. One time, in particular, I was bringing an 8-foot-wide painting of a flying owl by train into Manhattan. The painting was wrapped in clear plastic and was visible through the plastic. My partner and I were positioned in the center of the car so as not to obstruct other passengers and as the train filled up the entire crowd of passengers gathered around the painting, joyfully chattering with each other. One woman who was sitting directly in front of the painting was overcome with emotion. She told me that she hadn’t seen original art in person and had no idea until then how moving the experience could be.

“Open Gait” is a play on words to emphasize no barriers to entry as in “gate", and “gait” meaning the gait cycle of movement. This event is for artists to connect with each other and to the community, to bring more of Boulder's art scene out into the open and inject a little electricity into it.

All artists are welcome and encouraged to join! Please bring as many paintings as you’d like with a person to carry each piece. Please dress in all black and wear white art handlers gloves. We will meet at the NE corner of the Boulder Library parking lot, south of the creek, at 4 pm on April 8th. We will carry our paintings in a procession through the Pearl Street Mall, doing a little loop, stopping occasionally, and finally gathering at the R Gallery to celebrate! Invite all your friends!  If you’re planning to join, we’d love to know! You can register through the RSVP button on our site. Hope to see you there!

Karina Vogt



           Photos by Lorena de Santa from Open Gait Art Parade 2022

Please Let us know if you'll be attending!